City of Milwaukee – ‘The Hop’ Streetcar Main Line

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Milwaukee’s newest form of public transportation is a modern fixed-transit streetcar network known as The Hop, consisting of electric-hybrid cars traveling along pre-determined rail routes.  It is designed to link together neighborhoods, local jobs, businesses and attractions and is an example of the types of local catalytic projects American Design takes pride in contributing to.  American Design worked as part of the team assessing possible sites for station locations/stops along the route; compiling and reporting information regarding vehicular and pedestrian traffic, architectural/neighborhood characteristics, and climate and landscape conditions.  American Design’s scope also extended to the design of each of the multiple stations along the route.  Additionally, American Design was sourced to assist with completion of Construction Documents for the related Operations and Maintenance Facility.

In 2019 The Hop won a Top Project Award by The Daily Reporter.

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