Marine Corps Air Station – Yuma, AZ

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BEQ Building 913 Renovation

Design-Build delivery model

American Design: Designer of Record

This project provides major repairs and renovations to BEQ Building 913. The building was constructed in 1972 and consists of 90 sleeping rooms grouped in suites with common service cores consisting of gang shower and toilet rooms, laundry rooms, housekeeping room, storage rooms, lounge/meeting rooms on all floors. BEQ 913 is a multi-story reinforced CMU building with reinforced concrete slab and floors and built up roof.

Repair and renovation work includes interior and exterior work necessary to repair/replace damaged and deteriorating building components attributable to inadequate sustainment, abuse, and excessive age. The project also provides a number of energy saving upgrades. Work included the addition of exterior wall and roof insulation, replacement of wall/floor/ceiling finishes, exterior painting, roof replacement, door and window replacements and extensive work to HVAC, electrical and plumbing system components.

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