University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Chemistry and Biology Science Facility Pre-Design

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An American Design led team was awarded this State of Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development (DFD) contract in November of 2011. This intensive 10 month assignment was to provide a comprehensive assessment of the educational and research needs for a new chemistry and biology science facility at UW-Stevens Point (UWSP).  It consisted of programming for a 160,000 sf science facility, including offices, classrooms, research labs, support spaces and collaboration spaces. The UWSP Chemistry Department was relocated from an existing 1960’s science building and the vacated space was programmed for 4 learning clusters of the UWSP Biology Department. These clusters include teaching spaces specific to Introductory Biology, Human Biology, Botany, and Cell/Micro/Molecular Biology.  Building space also includes seven 55 seat general academic classrooms and two lecture halls with 110 seats each. Chemistry and Biology learning clusters dramatically enhanced delivery of their respective curriculums with contemporary teaching and prep labs spaces utilizing advanced technologies and equipment. Supporting these curriculum are special lab spaces, (herbarium, conservatory, etc.) as well as research lab space.

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