Near West Side Charette

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American Design participated in a visioning charette, hosted by CDS, for the Near West Side area in Milwaukee.

Site #6 is located on 35th and Wisconsin. This is a prime location with its adjacency to Marquette University High School, Walgreens, Merrill Park, and access to the interstate. The site is considered a destination location that could draw outsiders into the Near West Side neighborhood, as well as serve area residents. American Design Architects imagined this site as two possible programs. One, an adaptive reuse as a garden center and the other a new recreational ice facility. The recreational facility would include a field house, outdoor rink, indoor soccer and basketball courts, CrossFit gym, and parking. Phase II would include an educational center focused on health and recreation.

Final site proposal includes: iconic gateway into Milwaukee and the Near West Side, destination uses for residents and the region, accessible asset to the immediate neighborhood/public, recreational facility, strong corner presence on 35th and Wisconsin, wellness facility with tai chi, yoga, weight room, cafe bar, kitchen, retail, and climbing wall, field house on the second floor; including ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, outdoor seating, mid-block parking, and a connection with neighborhood and other institutions.

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